July 15, 2018

We are so afraid of our emotions.

Afraid to feel them.

Granted, for many, there are good reasons for resisting ‘feeling the feelings’. For example, feeling and emoting usually resulted in punishment or negative consequences in our past and most likely, did not change t...

June 11, 2018

The following is a response to a recent email I received (with her consent). 

Based on the limited information provided I understood that this mother is pregnant with her 4th child, has a history of satisfied births and deliveries.  However, during her third pregnancy s...

During the midst of a session today with my client, dust particles were floating in the air catching the reflection of sunlight, thus filing the atmosphere with dancing particles of dust light. Hence, this grabbed both of our attention. We were in the middle of a psych...

I am blessed to have an elder in my life who inspires deep conversations and challenges the status-quo. After spending a weekend with my dear friend and mentor Whapio, I was inspired to write again. It has been a while since I last wrote and although lots has been purc...

March 9, 2018

"Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved" M. Williamson

Marianne Williamson wrote a wonderful book called A Women's Worth that I read years ago. I remember so much of what s...

February 28, 2018

Do not celebrate my life

When I die.

I want you to grieve.

Grieve so deeply that your heart opens.

I want you to wail; wail a love song. 

Fall to your knees in heartache and call out my name. 

Do not pretend you are okay. 

When in reality you are breaking 

O  P  E  N....

February 14, 2018

Don’t co-sleep; Do co-sleep.

Don’t birth at home; birth at home.

Don’t work outside the home; go back to work.

Breast is best; it’s okay to bottle feed.

Vaginal birth; choose a caesarean.

Vaccinate; don’t vaccinate.

Too much screen time; no screen time.

Each day we are bombar...

February 8, 2018

Step by step process to deal with overwhelm and triggers pertaining to motherhood.

January 31, 2018

Needless to say, I struggled to include this isolated practice into my life as a mother, and I often felt like a failure.  I tried waking up earlier, staying up later, listening to guided meditations, using binaural beats, engaging in shamanic journeying, and even part...

January 11, 2018

An exploration of the challenges and stressors women face from conception to postpartum, and how those stressors may be contributing to the rise of PPMD.

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My name is Jennifer and I’m a Certified Canadian Counsellor with over 17 years of experience in maternal care. I bring my voice to the forefront of cutting-edge issues pertaining to motherhood and healing. My deep desire is to help women and mothers find peace in their hearts.


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