Thought Particles - A Metaphor to Help You Understand How You Become Enmeshed With Your Thinking

During the midst of a session today with my client, dust particles were floating in the air catching the reflection of sunlight, thus filing the atmosphere with dancing particles of dust light. Hence, this grabbed both of our attention. We were in the middle of a psychoeducational conversation about automatic thinking and how we become enmeshed with our thinking, often resulting in a sincere belief that we ‘are' what we think. I was explaining the term decentering as explained throughout Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MBCT) theory. Decentering is a principle notion that suggests the act of moving away from our thoughts so that we can begin to notice them as separate from th

What Is Going on in the Postpartum: Why Are Mothers Struggling?

I am blessed to have an elder in my life who inspires deep conversations and challenges the status-quo. After spending a weekend with my dear friend and mentor Whapio, I was inspired to write again. It has been a while since I last wrote and although lots has been purculating, I have been waiting for the flow to take over. Gratefully, today it did. ............. Integration. In psychology, integration is a key component of mental health, and overall health. When we can make sense out of our life circumstances, feel our emotions that have been trapped in our body, and flow a coherent story about our life without a huge amount of activation, it is said that we have integrated an experience. Th

My name is Jennifer and I’m a Certified Canadian Counsellor with over 17 years of experience in maternal care. I bring my voice to the forefront of cutting-edge issues pertaining to motherhood and healing. My deep desire is to help women and mothers find peace in their hearts.


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Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of maternal health and psychology. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on trauma-informed care, maternal mental health, and healing.


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