Riding Your Emotions

We are so afraid of our emotions. Afraid to feel them. Granted, for many, there are good reasons for resisting ‘feeling the feelings’. For example, feeling and emoting usually resulted in punishment or negative consequences in our past and most likely, did not change the circumstances. I remember my partner recounting about his childhood that was full of adversity and trauma, and he learned very young that crying or feeling the pain did not change the circumstances, it made the pain worse. He continued to report that he ‘stopped feeling the feelings’. It has taken him close to 40 years to learn how to feel again. Feeling emotions=unsafe=more pain With such an equation it makes sense why a pe

My name is Jennifer and I’m a Certified Canadian Counsellor with over 17 years of experience in maternal care. I bring my voice to the forefront of cutting-edge issues pertaining to motherhood and healing. My deep desire is to help women and mothers find peace in their hearts.


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Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of maternal health and psychology. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on trauma-informed care, maternal mental health, and healing.


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