Are You a Mother (or Mother-to-be) and Feel Like You’re Struggling?

Can you relate

to any of the following statements?

I'm A Mother And...

  • I can't stop thinking about my birth and what didn't go as planned
  • I feel disconnected from myself, my baby, or my partner
  • I feel trapped by uncomfortable emotions or body sensations
  • I can't seem to settle anxious thoughts or sensations
  • I feel chronically fearful about my baby's wellbeing
  • I don't feel 'normal' and feel distant from the world
  • I’m experiencing grief about what happened
  • I’m worried about developing a post-partum mood disorder
  • I experienced a pregnancy loss (at any stage) and I am in grief

I'm Pregnant And...

  • I’m anxious or worried about my baby’s birth
  • I’m struggling with my emotions during pregnancy
  • I’m scared about becoming a mother
  • I feel differently than I thought I would and I don’t know how to cope
  • I feel trapped by pregnancy and the idea of motherhood
  • I’m worried about developing post-partum mood disorder

If you Can relate, INdividual Counselling might be right for you

Benefits of Counselling

Research shows that mothers who have access to counselling, which allows them to process their pregnancy or birth experience and move through challenging emotions, are less likely to develop postpartum mood disorders. 
Why? Because counselling provides the opportunity for mothers to be heard, understood and validated.  This can open the space for emotions and negative thoughts to be felt and processed so they can return to their families and rediscover deeper connections with their babies and partners or spouses.


HOW Do I Begin?

        you can start with a free 4 part video series 'What Your Doctor is Likely NOT Telling You About Postpartum Depression' CLICK HERE
If you feel like it’s the right fit, we’ll dive deep into setting up a solid foundation for effective healing that includes: 6 1-on-1 counselling sessions that will address the unique challenges you are facing at this time.
You will have access to either the Healing After Birth Program or The Foundational Program for Effective Healing. Depending on your unique needs and past experiences.
Therapeutic activities that you may engage with could include guided imagery, EMDR therapy, narrative therapy, therapeutic art, mindfulness, mindfulness-based CBT, psychoeducation, body-focused therapy, and deep inquiry into beliefs.

After Counselling, You Can Expect to Embrace The Following Statements...

  • I am in Charge
  • I feel strong and brave
  • I feel empowered
  • I know how to handle stressful situations
  • I have stepped back into my life
  • I have regained my joy
  • I am mother I was meant to be

What Others Have Have Said

“Jennifer is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force.” – Past client

“I feel more at peace with myself, more than I ever have. I am finally truly loving myself and I am happy within" - Past client 

“I am more peaceful and aware of my feelings. I have so much less anxiety. I dug deep and advanced further than I've ever gone before.”  - Past Client

Are You Ready to Begin?

Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of maternal health and psychology. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on trauma-informed care, maternal mental health, and healing.

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