Flowing Fears Process

A unique blend of neuroscience, mindfulness, somatic therapy, depth, existential and transpersonal psychology. 


My approach is guided by intuition, creativity, and our brain and body physiology. As a former doula and direct-entry apprenticing midwife, I (L)EARNED how to hold space for transformation and healing. And, I weave all of this into my trauma-informed practice and programs that are geared towards helping you learn the skills to feel more, not less.

I am so glad we found each other.


Healing from mental and emotional suffering is hard work, period. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Taking charge of your mental, emotional, and soul health is a big undertaking. And, sometimes we lose sight and forget why we are working so hard and find ourselves making statements that sound like… 


Why am I not feeling better? 

Why am I still working so hard?

What is wrong with me? 

Why does it seem like nothing has shifted? 

Why am I still struggling with (fill in the blank)?

Why do I feel numb and shut down?

Why am I still relationally challenged?

Why does life still feel meaningless and flat? 

What is the point?


For some, learning how to be with your feelings is not a luxury, it is a necessity. 


As you have been thrown to your knees, for all kinds of devastating reason, and you find yourself at a loss. There are many catalysts that initiate this collapse or struggle: pregnancy, fertility challenges, postpartum, menopause, changes in relationship, directionless, historical trauma, chronic illness, financial loss, relationship loss, death, chronic arguments, gender insecurity, patriarchy, environmental devastation, climate changes, and/or traumatic event(s) to name a few examples.


For others, you may have been sifting and sorting through the inner debris for some time now, and find yourself repeating similar patterns that result in a negative mental and emotional loop. 


I call this loop: Life’s holding pattern. 


Perhaps you have worked with numerous healers, alternative practitioners, and/or therapists, but something is still feeling ‘off’. I bet after your sessions you feel a bit better, like something was lifted. But within a few days or weeks, that ‘thing’ that you are struggling with creeps in again and clouds that ‘good’ feeling. 

You just want to feel better so you can enjoy your life, family, friends, and loved ones. 

What Clients Have Said...

“I have felt healthier than I have in years. It has been a relatively short period of time but I feel hopeful and like we have a clear course ahead. To be hopeful, in and of itself, is progress” – Client


"Jennifer is a trained, experienced, highly-skilled, compassionate woman with a tremendous capacity to heal, and I would love to have you in my corner while I dig deep to exorcise the last of the demons in my psyche, so that I may finally open up and move forward into a life of true freedom. “ - Client


"Jennifer has an innate ability to drop down into the present moment and ‘go there’. Her presence is palpable over the phone and she did a phenomenal job at bringing me into the moment; then it was a straight arrow right into the heart of my messy matter." - Client

The Deep Dive Signature System

A 10 Step Therapeutic Process to Help You Get Out of Your Mind,
Clear Your Heart, and Drop into Your Soul.

... is perfect for a beautiful soul who


  • Has tried other forms of therapy

  • Is seeking deeper healing

  • Is ready to dive into the emotional waters

  • Is not in immediate danger or crisis

  • Is open to mindfulness 

  • Believes in a divine/higher purpose

  • Wants a guide to help navigate 

  • Has time and financial resources to invest in healing


The Deep Dive Process is ideal for those who want to learn a map, take charge of their mental and emotional unrest, and embody a new skill that eventually can be used outside of the therapy office.

What working with me looks like...

  1. First you sign up for the Feeling-Type PDF!

  2. If you like what you are receiving you can fill out the Readiness Checklist to discover what phase of readiness you are in.

  3. After you have completed the self-assessment, I will review it and offer you a few different options for working together.

  4. Together we will identify your current presenting problem and we will explore deeper for the source problem. 

  5. The idea is that we want to find the root contributing stressor and/or unresolved trauma that gives rise to the limiting core beliefs.

  6. Once you are confident with the necessary emotional regulation skills we will begin moving through the Deep Dive Process.

  7. Each session afterwards will be an opportunity to practice the 10 Steps of the Deep Dive Process with current presenting stressful problem. 

  8. If for some reason I ascertain that the process is not suitable for your current situation, I will propose another form of therapeutic modality such as: EMDR, therapeutic art, or CBT or I will help you transition to another therapist who might be better suited for your needs.


How it all came together …

It all came together when I was hit by what I call a ‘trauma trigger’ and I was spiraling fast and hard. Within minutes I was in the dark abyss of self-loathing and being swallowed by the ‘Monster’. It had been a long while since I was taken down in this way, grappling with the despairing dark thoughts that had immobilized me. 


There I was leaning on the kitchen counter, watching myself sink into the pit of inner hell.

My husband stood watch, powerless to save me from my inner demons. 


This time, however, I did something different…


… and that ‘thing’ I did marks the birth of the Deep Dive Process. 


That thing I did was VERY different than anything else I had done in the past. In that moment of spiralling, I summoned all of my knowledge about trauma recovery to the surface and started to take charge of my trauma spiral in a very specific way. 


That way later became the 10 Steps outlined in the Deep Dive Process. 


I paid very close attention to what I was doing to regain composure and to stop the slippery slope into my inner hell.

I gathered ALL my inner resources to do something different. 


And the best part is that, it worked...


… I pulled myself out of the inner dungeon within 30 minutes. 


Because it worked so well, I wanted to share this process with my clients.

I started to incorporate the 10 steps into my private practice with results! 


What inspires me the most is that this process can be taught so that you can engage with the process on your own!

Building agency and in-powerment. So that next time, when you get hit with a ‘trauma tornado’, stress attack, or panic and overwhelm, and swept off your feet, you have a map to help you. You can learn this process, and with practice, begin to feel in control of your mind, heart, and soul health. 


The Deep Dive System is a guiding map to work with your internal landscape that will help you …

  • Regain your centre when pushed off course

  • Stabilize an activated nervous system

  • Access core limiting beliefs 

  • Build connection with your inner parts

  • Release stuck emotional material 

  • (L)EARN how to hold space for healing

  • And connect with soul territory 

Ready to Begin ...

Take a moment to fill out the Readiness Checklist (if you have not done so already) and I will send you an email with some suggestions to get started...