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Can you relate

to any of the following statements?

I'm experiencing fertility challenges and...

  • I’m struggling to get through each month
  • I feel so alone in my journey
  • I don’t know how to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions and decisions
  • I feel so out of control and ashamed of my body
  • I don’t know how to move forward from here; I’m stuck
  • My relationships are strained and suffering
  • I’m struggling with feeling jealous of my friends with children
  • I’m exhausted from coping with the stress and pain

I've experienced a miscarriage or loss during pregnancy and...

  • I am deeply heartbroken
  • I feel alone in my intense sadness and pain
  • I don’t know how to move forward from this
  • I feel traumatized, ashamed, or angry by what happened
  • I am struggling to find any joy in the things I used to love
  • I feel disconnected from my partner, family, or friends; I can’t focus at work
  • I am troubled by the jealousy I feel towards my friends with kids
  • I’m paralyzed with fear that it will happen again
  • I am so tired from feeling sad

If you Can relate, grief Counselling might be right for you

Benefits of Grief Counselling

When you experience a loss – whether it’s the loss of a child, a miscarriage, or the loss of hope of conception – it’s often accompanied by a deep feeling of grief. Grief is felt as a wide range of emotions –  from sadness and anger, to guilt and anxiety.
Making sense of your emotions during grief can be extremely difficult. One minute you might be questioning why this happened to you. The next you’re blaming yourself for it. Grief is often overwhelming, isolating, painful, numbing, and exhausting. If it’s not properly addressed, it can lead to depression or prolonged symptoms of distress.
Yet, grief isn’t a life sentence. And, you don’t have to go through grief alone. Studies have shown that access to counselling can be helpful for moving through grief and finding peace in your heart. Counselling helps to process the pain and sadness. It offers a place to be heard and understood. It provides you with coping skills, self-compassion, and forgiveness. And, ultimately, it helps you find a way to maintain a connection with your loss while also moving forward in your life.


After Participating in one of the therapeutic programs You Can Expect to Embrace The Following Statements...

  • Although I am grieving, I no longer feel trapped and alone
  • I now understand how grief works and I know I’m moving through it in my own way
  • I finally feel truly supported, cared for, and validated
  • I know how to soothe myself and ask for help often
  • I have compassion for myself and I no longer blame my body
  • I don’t have to hide the depth of my pain and shame anymore
  • My relationships are back on track and they feel deeper than ever
  • I’ve found comfort in my memories and peace in my heart
  • I have hope for the future and I feel joy

What Others Have Have Said

“Jennifer is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force.” – Past client

“I feel more at peace with myself, more than I ever have. I am finally truly loving myself and I am happy within" - Past client 

“I am more peaceful and aware of my feelings. I have so much less anxiety. I dug deep and advanced further than I've ever gone before.”  - Past Client

Are You Ready to Begin?

Before we begin our journey together, it is important that you take the time to feel into my services and point of view on healing. You may be coming to therapy because of grief and loss, however, my point of view on healing is applicable to all the challenges we face. 
Sign up for the free mini-course 'A New Healing Paradigm' to begin. Setting up a strong foundation for successful healing and integration is of utmost importance. If you know you are ready to dive into your healing, click on the 'Foundational Program' link to begin our journey together.
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