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The Healing After Birth Program helps you reclaim your birth story free of shame or disappointment. 

I imagine you’re reading this because you didn’t have the childbirth experience that you spent months, or even years, dreaming about.
You prepared whole-heartedly for your birth and you truly believed you had done everything ‘right’. Yet, things didn't turn out as planned.
And what’s even harder is that you’re struggling to adjust to your new role as a mother. Or, you’re exhausted from hiding your real feelings about your birth.
Family and friends are saying things like: “You must be so happy.” But when you’re honest with yourself, you’re not.

Dear Mother,

You join a mom's group

to Try to Get Out and Cheer yourself up

You like the idea of being social and meeting new friends in your neighbourhood.


During the meet-up, though, you’re asked to tell your birth story. You freeze.


You don’t know what to say, or how to say it. You make something up to hide the pain you’re actually feeling. You leave feeling lonely, and conclude the group isn’t for you.

Maybe it’s been a few weeks since your birth, or perhaps years. Yet, you are still struggling to feel okay about what happened.
You keep thinking that you should feel better by now, and you find yourself avoiding talking about your birth experience – especially with other moms who say their experience was happy or empowering.

Maybe you can relate to one or more of these experiences:

You get together with your family for your baby’s first holiday


At dinner, the topic of childbirth comes up and someone asks you how you’re doing.


They know you had an unplanned cesarean section, after planning for a home birth.


You feel your eyes sting with the threat of tears, so you quickly say: “Oh, I’m fine. My body wasn’t progressing, so it was for the best.” You want to believe what you said, but you’re still really not okay with what happened.

You are having a hard time connecting with your baby

... despite being so excited to meet her when you were pregnant.


It’s been a few months now, and you thought things would shift. Yet, you still feel empty inside.


You feel like your body failed you during childbirth, and it’s continuing to fail you now. You want to be happy that you have a healthy, beautiful baby. Yet, when you look at your baby you don’t light up in the way you thought you would. You feel guilt, shame, and sadness.

Can you relate?


You’re not alone. In fact, 25% of mothers say they experienced their childbirth as traumatic or disempowering.

Mothers who have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth often say things like:


  • “I was told to put on my big girl pants and get on with it.”
  • “I had to pretend I was fine and get back to normal, when really I was dying inside.”
  • “I used to love talking about birth, now I don't ever want to talk about it.”
  • “I feel ashamed that I’m jealous of moms had a natural birth.”
  • “Something is missing. I feel like I never gave birth.”

Traumatic birthing experiences do happen. And, if left unresolved, they can be incredibly difficult for ​mothers to move on from.

However, there is a way to feel better.


The Signature Healing After birth Book and Program

Healing After Birth is for mothers like you who want to feel better about their birthing experience.

It’s for mothers who want to find peace in their hearts and deepen their bond with their babies and families.


AND NEUROPhysiology

Healing After Birth

will help yoU To:

Move through stuck emotions like guilt, anger, and sadness
Tell your birth story, without shame
Reconnect with your baby or child
Be okay with your feelings
Stop blaming your body
Reclaim what was lost

After the program,

you can expect to embrace the following statements:

I finally feel like the strong, loving mother I imagined I’d be
What I experienced was traumatic, but I’m finally at peace
My body didn’t work against me, it worked to protect me
I understand what happened and I forgive
I’ve found new meaning in my birth
I’m proud of my healing journey​

What other moms have said about my program:

I Feel such a sense of relief because I feel like I can finally stop hating myself for the things that happened during my labor".” 


—  Group member

How does Healing After Birth Program work?

To begin, you can work with the book in the comfort of your home. There are plenty of therapeutic exercises throughout the book.

If you want to go deeper into your healing ...

Introducing the Healing After Birth Program that offers engaging, powerful, and therapeutic activities, such as guided imagery, mindfulness exercises, body-focused therapy, and therapeutic art. It also offers weekly journaling exercises, video lessons, and guided meditations. You also have the option of scheduling a 90 min deep dive healing session with Jennifer.

The Program includes Lessons of Deeper Discovery and 3 Stages of Healing:

1. Building a Safe Foundation for Healing
2. Navigating the Emotional Waters
3. Re-Connecting to Self as a New Mother
Listen to the
Healing After Birth
Schedule Your
Discovery Call Today
with Jennifer 

“Jennifer is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force.” – Past client

“I feel more at peace with myself, more than I ever have. I am finally truly loving myself and I am happy within" - Past client 

“I am more peaceful and aware of my feelings. I have so much less anxiety. I dug deep and advanced further than I've ever gone before.”  

- Past Client

What you will learn and experience 


Phase 1 of Healing: Building a Safe FoundationEstablish safety, get informed, and set your intentions

  • Connect to your why
  • Learn about trauma and how we heal
  • Build trust in the healing journey ahead
  • Practice grounding exercises
  • Build self-soothing skills and body awareness
  • Recognize when you are pushing yourself too much


Are You Ready to Begin?


Start Today! For $249 you will receive access to the entire Healing After Birth Online program + One 60 Minute 1:1 Phone Session with Jennifer!


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