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Dear Mother

You are going to be okay;

You will not feel this way forever; You are not going crazy;

There is hope.

Are you here because ...

  • You are a new mom who is struggling in the postpartum?

  • You are pregnant again and you want to address your fears related to your last birth?

  • You finally have space and energy to look at your past childbirth experience?


Whichever one applies to you, you want to feel better.


Please know that you are not alone;

You have done nothing wrong;

You will not feel this way forever;

You will be okay. 


But right now, all of this might sound like lip service to you because digging into what is not going well for you,

or what didn't go as planned during your birth, can be really scary at first. 


Fearful thoughts can sound like...


What is going to happen if I open up 'pandora's box'? 

What if I get worse? 

What if 'she' can get better, but I can't?

What if nothing helps? 

What if I re-live it all again? 

What if I drown in the grief or pain? 

What if I can't do it?

What if I am permanently damaged?


Typical challenges and struggles that Mothers face...


  • Utter exhaustion either due to sleep deprivation

  • Exhaustion because you are a new CEO of the home + outside work

  • The day-to-day life with a newborn

  • No time or space for self-care

  • Financial stressors due to changes in work

  • Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs 

  • Not even knowing where to start or how to get better


Can you relate? 


I have had moms say to me: "I can't even open the book because I am afraid of what will be revealed to me".

This is so valid and so real for so many mothers.

How do you even begin, if the journey ahead feels so daunting?

And the idea of 'healing' feels so far away when all we want to do is just want to make it through another day without losing my mind. 


I get it. Truly, I do. I have been there.


Some truths that can help...

We need to take it slow.

We need to build trust in the process.

We need to gain knowledge about what is happening.

We need to learn about the skills and tools that will help.

We need to connect to a reason for doing this work.

We need to find the right kind of help.

We need to hear from other moms.

We need to believe that healing is possible. 


And, for this reason, I have created offerings that can support you in any one of these phases of healing. 

The intention is that you will be inspired to engage in your healing, find the courage to take the next step,

and no longer carry the emotional burden of as it pertains to your birth experience and postpartum struggles. 


If all of this feels right in your body and heart, let's get to know each other better!

Some small, low-risk high-value ways we can connect are listed below...


“Jennifer is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force.” – Past client

Watch The Video Series: What Your Doctor is Likely Not Telling You About Postpartum Depression.

“I feel more at peace with myself, more than I ever have. I am finally truly loving myself and I am happy within" - Past client 

“I am more peaceful and aware of my feelings. I have so much less anxiety. I dug deep and advanced further than I've ever gone before.”  

- Past Client

Listen to the
Healing After Birth
Healing After Birth

Jennifer Summerfeldt


Hello mama, from my heart to yours, I am so glad we found each other. I have been pondering what does one say to a mother who is struggling that will ease her heart and mind? Often there are no right words, per se.


I want you to know that I am here because I suffered too, for a long while, and I made it to the other side. My inspired passion is to help mothers, like you, come home to their hearts...because your children need you, your family needs you, the world needs you, and YOU need you.


I hold a Masters in Counselling Psychology with nearly two decades of studies and experience in the field of maternal health. Combining my lived experience, hard studies, and hope for healing, I created and wrote the Healing After Birth Program and Guidebook.

Learn more about me...

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