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Are you pregnant with your next child and worried about giving birth again?

Who Is It For?

Preparing For Your Next Birth is for women who want to experience a better birth this time around.
No matter how difficult your previous birth was, the program will help you get a handle on your fears, and experience birth from a place of empowerment. Regardless of how your births unfold, you will learn how to feel in control and confident.

Hello Pregnant Mama

When your previous birth didn’t go as planned, you might be worried that this one won’t either.
Maybe you’re fearful that things will get out of control, just like they did the last time, and that your voice won’t be heard amidst the confusion.
Maybe you’re having a hard time staying calm as you approach the birth – extremely anxious about the pain or deeply worried that you’ll feel abandoned again.
Perhaps you’ve tried to prepare for your birth the best you can, but you still can’t get past your fears that it will lead to more disappointment, disempowerment, pain, or trauma.
You want to feel happy and excited. You’re looking forward to meeting your baby, and you can’t wait to feel her in your arms. But deep down inside, you’re fearful. You wish you could somehow bypass the experience of childbirth.

Introducing Preparing for your next birth

  • Uncover what you can do differently if everything starts to feel out of control
  • Learn skills to work with the pain of childbirth
  • Discover your unique needs to feel safe in childbirth
  • Make decisions from an informed place
  • Increase your confidence in your body's ability to give birth
  • Uncover and change beliefs that are blocking you from experiencing your best birth
  • Shift old feelings of disappointment so they do not sneak up during labor
  • Tap into the power of determination and excitement
  • Heal faster and achieve mother-baby bonding more easily
  • Learn how to prevent postpartum depression and birth trauma
**Please note: You don’t need a ‘natural’ birth outcome to take this program or achieve 
How Does it Work?
Preparing For Your Next Birth is designed to train your heart and mind for better results. It has been created to help you feel truly supported with intuitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate care.
It includes 6 one-on-one counselling sessions that can be held in-person or virtually:
Session 1 – Reflecting on your past experiences
Session 2 – Identifying and naming your fears
Session 3 – Uncovering the beliefs that uphold your fears
Session 4 – Transforming your fears through therapeutic exercises
Session 5 – Transforming your fears through therapeutic exercises
Session 6 – Looking to the future to plan for your best birth
PLUS You will also receive a workbook with therapeutic reflective exercises that you can do at home prior to our sessions.
The workbook will help integrate what we’ve discussed and deepen your confidence.
The program uses various therapeutic activities that are customized to fit your unique need. This could include guided imagery, EMDR, narrative therapy, therapeutic art, mindfulness, psychoeducation, body-focused therapy, and inquiry into beliefs.
Get all of this for $700.

Click here to schedule your first appointment today!

**Please note that some health insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of the program**

Juicy Benefits

After The program, You Can Expect to embrace the following statements...

  • This time it will be different
  • This time it will be better
  • This time I am in charge
  • This time I know what I need to do
  • This time I feel strong and brave
  • This time I am empowered

What Moms Have Said About

My Programs

“I am so glad that I chose to do this work and would highly recommend to any mother. Therapy has never worked for me; this has.”

“I feel happier and lighter. I feel more capable of facing my grief and trauma. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Jennifer is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force.” 

Are You Ready To Begin?

Get started now by booking a free 15-minute “Get To Know Me” call with me. We’ll discuss your experience and goals, and see if the program is right for you.
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