Motherhood and Shame

February 14, 2018

Don’t co-sleep; Do co-sleep.

Don’t birth at home; birth at home.

Don’t work outside the home; go back to work.

Breast is best; it’s okay to bottle feed.

Vaginal birth; choose a caesarean.

Vaccinate; don’t vaccinate.

Too much screen time; no screen time.


Each day we are bombarded with opinions about how to give birth and raise our children.  From the moment we plan to conceive or find ourselves surprisingly pregnant, a whole new world opens.  For many, entering the world of motherhood, for the first time, is like walking through a vortex. 


On one side of this invisible shield lives all the mothers who have gone before us, and on the other side is the world ‘out there’.  How this separation came to be is another blog post in and of itself.