Breaking Open

February 28, 2018

Do not celebrate my life

When I die.


I want you to grieve.


Grieve so deeply that your heart opens.

I want you to wail; wail a love song. 


Fall to your knees in heartache and call out my name. 


Do not pretend you are okay. 

When in reality you are breaking 

O  P  E  N.


And if you cannot grieve

Then, you never truly loved me.

For it is in love that we grieve so deeply.


Do not honour my life 

Without shedding a tear.


For if you truly knew me, 

Knew how to honour me, 

You would do so with raw, wild, unbound

T E A R S.


We will meet again.

In the beautiful landscape of the soul. 

You can find me there, 

But first, you must

G R I E V E.