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A Shout Out To BIRTH DOULAs?

As a Doula, you are the primary witness of birth and you hold the sacred birth story. You witness everything – the glory and the gory. You are 'givers' by nature and most likely entered birthwork ignited by passion and love. The downside is that you are at risk of giving too much resulting in burnout, compassion fatigue, or secondary traumatic stress (STS). Would you like to discover if you are on the verge of compassion fatigue and learn how to embody and embrace your role as a Sacred Story Keeper?


I'm a Mother

And I am struggling.

I am eager to learn more about mental and emotional health + how to become the best version of myself, as a mother.

I'm a 

Soul-Driven Woman

I am eager to deep dive into my healing. I have been on this journey for some time now and I need some extra handholding that will take me to the next level.

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