Learn how to flow your fears

liberate your heart and mind

Let's Begin...Identify Your Feeling-Type to Get Started!

Life is too precious to remain Stuck and afraid to feel.

Don't be held back from joy and vitality.


You are designed to feel!

Many people were not taught

how to feel what they were feeling;

they did not learn the 

language of feeling.

The cost of not learning how to feel

can impact all aspects of your life...

Not feeling what you are feeling jams the system and causes mental unrest.

Mental Health

Not feeling what you are feeling disconnects you from others

 and your environment.

Social health

Not feeling what you are feeling impacts immune health and overall vitality.

body health

learn how to flow your fears ... 
... without drowning, exploding,
or being trapped by your racing mind.
Take back control of your life and health
by feeling more, not less. 
gain the skills to flow your fears and
release the emotional debris.
Learn what to do when you are feeling too much.

Imagine If ...

> You could learn how to respond to your emotions in a way that liberates you.

> You could learn how to let go of your past traumas by safely releasing stuck emotions.

> You could identify your core limiting belief(s) and learn how to change them.


> You could learn how to unplug your racing mind that is running on autopilot.

How might you feel?

White Branch
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White Branch

I had to learn how to feel ...

I was struggling with PTSD and years of undiagnosed depression. I was imploding, exploding, and drowning in grief. I learned all about brain health, neuroscience, peak performance, consciousness and healing. I applied my knowledge professionally as a psychotherapist and personally to take back my life. I have spent the past 10 years breaking this process down in an approachable way to teach you the skills that allow you to feel more, not less; helping you tap into your vitality.

Let's Get Started

Step One: 

Identify your Feeling-Type

and start to receive information about how to embrace your feelings.

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Step Two: 

Submit your Healing Blueprint self- assessment to discover what phase of skill 

development you are in.

Healing Blueprint

Step Three:

Begin the journey of working together through online programs to teach skills and

1:1 deep dive sessions with me!

Apply Skills

What brings you here is unique to you 
And I call this your presenting problem.
You might be a mother struggling in the Postpartum 
or Preparing for an upcoming Birth.
You might be struggling with relationship issues, past traumas,
Identity changes, spiritual crisis, or loss.
Whatever The presenting issue is,
It's the doorway to begin to learn how
to be with what you are feeling
without running away.
Many people have learned to avoid their fears and
they have adapted in ways to cope.
Coping has kept you safe and protected you over the years.
And now, coping keeps you trapped in your fears.
Preventing you from experiencing joy, love, and connection.
there is a safe way to feel. 
At JS Coaching, we teach you how to feel without
the fear of losing control.
We want you to tap into vitality so you can 
experience the fullness of life.
Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with 20 years of experience within the field of maternal health and psychology studies. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on trauma-informed care, maternal mental health, and healing in general..
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