Learn The Skills To  

Awaken To Your Inner Warrior

Personalized Coaching Program
Helping You Master 6 Domains of Health 
To Live an Embodied and Meaningful Life

Identify Core Beliefs. Flow Fears. Liberate Vitality.

Your Emotions

Can Liberate You 

or Block You!

Learning how to manage your emotional energy

and mind impacts all aspects of your life!

Resulting in a life full of:

Mental Stamina

Thriving Relationships

Purposeful Work

Emotional Mastery

Physical Vibrancy

Spiritually On Path!

Imagine If ...

You learned how to respond to your emotions in a way that frees up energy;

You learned how to let go of your past pain by safely releasing stuck emotions;

You identified your core limiting belief(s) and learned how to change them;


You learned how to unplug your racing mind from autopilot;

Placing you, as awareness, in the drivers seat!

How might you feel?

White Branch
White Branch


It hit me hard. I was struggling with PTSD and years of undiagnosed depression. I was imploding, exploding, and drowning in grief. Something had to change. I had three children to look after and I was unemployed and a single mom at the time. As a former university athlete and Sport Psychology graduate student who worked with Olympians, I know what it takes to go for gold. I applied this drive to take charge of my healing. I learned all about brain health, neuroscience, trauma, consciousness and healing. I applied these teachings to take back my life, with the help of many guides along the way. I am passionate about working with warrior spirits, helping them learn the skills to heal and tap into your vitality.

What brings you here is unique to you!
Let's call this your: Presenting Problem

You might be struggling with relationship issues, stuck patterns, 
past traumas, Identity changes, spiritual crisis, parenthood, and/or loss.

Whatever the presenting issue is,

It's the doorway to deeper investigation.

An opening to learn the skills to be with what you

are feeling without running away,

so you can live an embodied life.

Many people have learned to avoid their fears and

they have adapted in ways to cope.


Coping has kept you safe and protected you over the years.

And now, coping keeps you trapped in your fears
and stuck in life's holding patterns.


Preventing you from experiencing joy, love, and connection.

Feeling is healing and the gateway to liberating internal 

energy that can be used to live a vibrant life,

with purpose and direction.


It is not just about feeling the emotions.

You can become addicted to your feelings and emotions,
and let the drama of your life stay on repeat.

It is about learning what to do with the emotional energy

that arises within so that you can step out of

the emotional patterns in your life,
and be in the drivers seat.


I want you to tap into this life-giving vitality so you can 

experience the fullness of life.

How It Works


Receive a monthly workbook to begin to observe, highlight, and set powerful intentions within the 6 domains of health.


Together we will highlight your presenting problem and identify top 3 areas of focus, required to train your inner warrior spirit


Each quarter you receive 8 unique 1:1 coaching sessions. PLUS unlimited text support throughout the duration of our time together.

Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with 20 years of experience within the field of maternal health, childbirth, and psychology studies. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on trauma-informed care, maternal mental health, and healing in general..

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